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Biographical Information

Ariyana La Fey is a native Northern Californian, currently residing in the fine city of San Francisco. A dancer since her toddling days, she has spent her life seeking out new forms of artistic expression and opportunities to utilize her training and experience. Ariyana enjoys being a chameleon, appearing in different guises and characters - a tribute to her versatility as an actress, dancer, aerialist, costumer, and choreographer. While she loves to tour and travel, and has performed in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, and many another far-flung city, Ariyana always returns home to her beloved California coastline.


Ariyana is a core member of the PEERS Theatre of the Vampires and can be found performing both scripted and improvisational work at the montly PEERS balls.
She also has portrayed a theme character at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair since 2004, and is currently the actress portraying The Ghost of Christmas Past.


Ariyana can be found flying through the air on both tissu and lyra wherever she can find the height to work with. She has been a featured performer at the DNA Lounge, Bootie SF, Hubba Hubba Revue, Red Hots Burlesque, The Gold Club SF, San Francisco Circus Center, and she has assisted The Paper Doll Militia.

Burlesque Performer

Ariyana is a core member of the Hubba Hubba Revue and PEERS Flying Circus, and performs regularly at both. She can also be found performing at Red Hots Burlesque, Little Minsky's, First Friday Follies, and Burlesque Moulin. Ariyana brings her acting experience to the stage with her burlesque, and ranges from comedic cross-dressed teases to elegant fan work worthy of Miss Sally Rand's approval.

Costumer and Choreographer

Ariyana has been building costumes and playing dress-up since her earliest days, and she brings the years of practice to bear in creating costumes which support and bring life to her characters on the stage or in the air. She primarily builds costumes for herself, but is available for commissioned work on a selective basis.

Ariyana is also responsible for her own choreography, and has choreographed everything from fight scenes on stage to aerial dances, sultry bump'n'grinds to the most proper ballroom dances.


Ariyana is a professional aerial coach in the Bay Area. She specializes in conditioning and instruction on aerial tissu, trapeze, and lyra, and she loves working with students on act development and polish.